Canvas in Pictografia

It is realistic. It reproduces the original effects. It makes an elegant setting.

It is not only a reproduction on canvas. It is something more. It is beautiful to see, attorney emotion to those who admires. and then it lasts.

To have an original effect we need authentic materials.
Since the first experiment, we realized that the only way possible to recreate the original work effect, was to work in a linen cloth woven by hand. Not only had to roll out a dough consisting of only natural elements. We went to the aid of an old recipe handed down from generation to generation until today. The combination of these elements coupled to a suitable processing procedure made it possible to realize the Canvas in Pictografia. An exceptional result: the colors are color fidelity and a visual impact such as to make it appear as if the work had been painted in a rinacimentale workshop.

Handmade. All linen.
The canvas is made with a plot in very substantial linen; really good base to work from.


The “imprimitura”: a great base for a painting to perfection.
The gypsum is used to make the brush on the canvas but also flow well the function of isolating the aggressiveness of the colors that may impair its plot. The use of natural gypsum and glue, according to classic recipes of the ‘400, is the ideal solution for ensuring these conditions.

Solid wood frame.
Each canvas is mounted in a wood frame adapted to guarantee the seal over time, even in case of failure or loosening due to changes in temperature or humidity.

Oil paints: They create the chromaticism of the original.
The oil colors on the canvas give it a shine, fullness and image depth impossible to achieve with any other type of binder.