Frescoes in Pictografia

It’s nice. Furnish. It gives a touch of class.

This is not a simple reproduction. It something more important. The fresco is made as in the 300 and exactly with Giotto’s technique. The colors are bright, the look identical to the original.

To create a fresco ever seen before, we have created a technique never before seen. As we worked to fresco, we imagined how nice it would be able to recreate the technique of “Buon Fresco” keeping the original image fidelity. Two apparently conflicting situations but, thanks to our proprietary technology, the Pictografia, was possible. The Fresco has a thickness of 12 mm so as to make it immune to damage due to temperature or moisture. The color is deposited in fresh, in a base of fine limeseasoned three years and then retouched by hand by experienced painters who were trained in our Bottega. It ‘s so that you get an exceptional and unique product of its kind.

A few elements, combined together. Only sand and slaked lime make up the basis for the fresco. Reinforced with a special network that allows the transport, is also devoid of glues or industrial chemical elements

Colors. Inspired by nature. 100% natural. The use of colors based on oxides, deposited in fresco in a base of lime blossomseasoned three years, provides levels of realism unthinkable and makes it look as if the fresco was painted 500 or 2000 years ago.

It a thick fresco. The realization of a 12 mm thick support allows to preserve the colors from deterioration due to possible fluctuations in temperature or excessive ambient humidity.

Comparison with the original. It makes a difference. The comparison continues with the original Fresco allows us to establish quality parameters otherwise unreachable.