Retraces the history of ancient art

It evokes distant times. It creates a very striking visual impact.

To create a table that has the taste of old, we have studied the work of Leonardo da Vinci.
The table remembers the past. Is it the media that best draws our history. Until 1500 the painting was not used except in rare cases where it was incammottata” (ie glued) on the table. All the great works of the medieval era, think of Duccio da Boninsegna or Giotto, were built on wood.

Only seasoned wood. It a matter of time.
For a lasting work, you need a major support. We use well dried wood only first choice and with an adequate thickness to the size of the painting.

The “IMPRIMITURA”: a good base for a painting to perfection.
The gypsum used to make the brush on the table but has also flow well the function of isolating the aggressiveness of the colors that may impair its surface. The use of natural gypsum and glue, according to classic recipes of the 400, is the ideal solution for ensuring these conditions.

Oil paints: the hallmark of a superior quality.
The oil colors on the table give it a shine, fullness and image depth impossible to achieve with any other kind of matter.

The comparison is important. Even for the Table.
We must study the paintings in museums and continually compare them with our creations. Only then, can we hope to communicate to the viewer the feeling you get in front of the original